Business Continuity Preparation

Business Continuity Preparation

Business continuity preparation is identifying events that can interrupt the daily, weekly and yearly running of your business, and developing a plan to ensure that the consequences of these events, (financial, practical, supply & demand) are kept to minimal disruption.

Events can come from many directions and have an array of consequences. It is important to be able to identify these events and fully understand the effects of each disruption, in order to plan a positive and effective response. Such events could be a natural disaster, a global pandemic, a key employee leaving, ill health or even a lost password!
By working with our team of consultants, we can help you minimise the threat of unwanted business interruptions, ensuring your team and business is fully prepared and a plan of action is in place.
Key areas we focus on to ensure you get the best possible service are:

  • Review existing BCP / contingency plans if they are already in place – knowing what has already been developed in this area for your business allows us to see where gaps are, what training and planning is required, and how we can develop from this.
  • Understanding the core elements of your business – prioritising these elements is paramount to ensure a functional and practical plan is developed.
  • Who can make decisions if you are unavailable / ill – developing a hierarchy for decision making helps to avoid dispute in your absence.
  • How would business interruption affect you – fully exploring the consequences of events allows for more practical and realistic planning.
  • What has been learned through Covid-19 and the pandemic – having recently experienced such a long-lasting event, it is important to review the actions taken by your business, what problems were encountered and if/how these were reacted to.
  • What can be done better next time – not only in relation to Covid-19, but also other events your business may have experienced previously, that you feel could have been done better, or you felt were done well and therefore you may wish to make part of your Business Continuity policy.
  • Identify key resources (Supplier, Staff, Locations) – knowing these resources ensures they are fully explored, and strategic planning put in place if they are suddenly lost from the business.
  • Review, create/update, back-up and recovery plans.
  • Test plans – running through scenarios allows us to pick up any issues early on and ensure that your BCPs are practical and achievable.
  • Insurance and financial preparation – throughout the process of creating your business’ BCP, we will continually address these areas to ensure that plans are acceptable and affordable where necessary.
Get in touch today if you would like to explore how our team can create the best Business Continuity Preparation plan specific to your business and safeguard your future. 

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