Expansion and Growth Support

Expansion and Growth Support

Growing your business will have no doubt always been at the forefront of your business set-up plans. As time goes on, the daily running of your business can sometimes get in the way of thinking how to further develop through growth and expansion. However, it is clear that growth and expansion are paramount to ensure the futureproofing of your business, ensuring you are always keeping an eye on the market as to how best to do this.

Our consultants here at RaMaRa Consulting Ltd have vast experience in the development of businesses through growth and expansion. Let us help you identify new markets and growth potential in your business. We can help manage the risks by exploring options with you and direct efforts for maximum gain. We can help you to expand your business profitably and safely with our expert guidance and support.

The key areas we specialise in are:

  • Managing risk aversion
  • Discovering, looking at and understanding expansion prospects
  • Ensuring you have the resources (human and capital) to secure, launch, maintain and expand your new venture. What is your assessment criteria? Market share, economies of scale in terms of buying raw materials, profit, market domination?

Other factors to consider when entering into any planning and development of your business are:

  • Is growth possible?
  • What do you know about your market and trends?
  • Is the market growing, shrinking, obsolete?

It is always important when considering growth and expansion to have contingency plans in place, in case your current business plan doesn’t allow for what the market trend has now developed into. We also explore these options as part of our expansion and growth support service.

Get in touch today to see how our specialists can help you explore your business’ growth and expansion prospects.

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